Killzone Mercenary


Killzone mercenary PS vita Info : 

The wait has been long and arduous, but Killzone: Mercenary  Ps vita finally delivers what Vita owners have craved for over a year and a half: a first-person shooter that won’t only keep them busy for a long time, but one that helps justify their hardware purchase in the first place. Mercenary is a truly great shooter, one that was crafted with the hardcore shooter fan in mind. There’s a lot to love here — even if its campaign is woefully short – from its deep Contracts mode to its engaging multiplayer functionality.

Killzone: Mercenary Ps vita isn’t only the promise of a great handheld shooter. It actually is one.

Screenshot For Killzone mercenary Ps vita :

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Killzone Mercenary"

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Killzone Mercenary"

File game type  : Ps vita game code

Support device : playstation vita 

Version : USA

game review note 17/20

How to install Killzone mercenary  :

1- click download game

2- unlock one offer

3- after completing offer you will get the code

4- put the code the code on your ps vita

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